Armand Bahrami

general director

Over 10 years experience within Operations and Consulting. His expertise covers Program and Project Management, Business Transformation and Operational performance.

Furthermore he has in-depth knowledge of the Aerospace & Defence, Logistics and Telecommunication industries.

+ Pr Engineer Azad University

+ PhD Nanotechnologies Toulouse University

+ MS Innovation Management TBS Toulouse

Romain Jegoux


Over 10 years experience within Operations and Consulting. Project/Program Management, Innovative System, IT and Operations are part of its fields of expertise.

Deep understanding of industrial and technical sectors thanks to several successful projects driven in Europe and Canada.

+ Pr Engineer INSA Toulouse

+ MS Management KTH Stockholm

+ MS Risk & Innovative Systems ICSI Toulouse

Our Values


Be accurate every day, at every time to ensure the best quality and be confident with yourself personally and profesionally.
- Our first and deepr value
- Success is built on precision
- Precision comes from resilience
- Never give-up (Sisphus Myth)


Cement for a long-term collaboration and mutual trust.
- Be ponctual
- Do what you said and commited for
- Assume and correct your mistakes
- Don't be afraid to say No
- Be transparent and kind


We have no fear of unknown, it drives us to new possibilities.
- Beyond the limlites of usual thought or action
- Imaginative
- Daring to face off challenges
- Get out of your comfort zone
- Explore new position and domain


Commitment is a wall esecially built to go through, opened on a mountain to clime.
- Reach your objectives
- Learn daily and share your experience
- Know your limits and ask for support
- Overpass target expectation

Why FBT Partners ?

New Way

Step by step FBT Partners will access new industries and countries. Every new possibilities will be a new opportunity for us and our employees.

We want more and we focus on more. 

Group of white paper ship in one direction and one red paper ship pointing in different way on blue background. Business for innovative solution concept.
Same boat feeling

Our company philosophy enables the direct contact between employees and the management level. No topic which is a matter close to your heart will be underrated. But we don’t only ask you to communicate in terms of work with annual events we also want to strenghten our team in terms of personal contact.

Sans titretm

At FBT Partners, entrepreneurship stands for willingness and ability to innovate. It also includes developing the activities and competitiveness of our clients – not only through proven consulting approaches but also by constantly innovating and proposing creative solutions.

Be a doer not a dreamer.